Paradise in my Mother’s Eyes

Paradise is found on the others side of this feeling. Swimming in the tears. Hidden behind a veil of chaos and confusion. Paradise lost. Paradise found. Whispering caresses of promise and peace. Paradise stolen. Or was it given away? Perception or deception? Intermingling manipulation – vining and intertwining – digging in and rooting deep. The effect my Mother has on me is overwhelmingly profound. I … Continue reading Paradise in my Mother’s Eyes

Pavlov’s Dog

  I’m in a weird place right now. Not a bad place but definitely one that I’m not used to. Or maybe I’ve just forgotten what it feels like to have faith. To live my life one moment at a time without constant fear and anxiety. Fear of failing. Like I’m being tested at every turn. Are you adulting properly? Are you being responsible enough? … Continue reading Pavlov’s Dog