A Series of Seasonal Events

Seasons have an uncanny ability to come and go, and somehow, we still find ourselves dreadfully unaware and under-prepared. I sit here now, perusing my mind for what I know is evidence of a pattern. That’s the thing about seasons; they cycle through a clear and expectant outline of objectives. We know what to expect from Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  So, why are we … Continue reading A Series of Seasonal Events

Nothing Hidden

I’ve just spent the last five hours rummaging around my phone and tablet. Deleting and organizing photos and documents GALORE! I’m not sure how exactly I got to this point but “hey, I accomplished something.” Funny thing is – I love organization – it relaxes me! Yep! I’m not even kidding! It’s like a day spent playing Tetris or Solitaire; my mind just eats it … Continue reading Nothing Hidden