Oceans of My Mind

Meditation was always a foreign concept to me. A supernatural mind game I wanted no part of. Truth is, I knew nothing! Yoga and meditation were things other people did. What people? I have no idea – happy people, maybe? Free spirits who could afford to spend hours on end contemplating life, while the rest of us sacrificed ourselves for the greater good.  I really … Continue reading Oceans of My Mind

The Peaceful Breeze of Sweet Surrender

I seek fellowship. Time spent with someone who expects nothing of or from me. Someone who will allow me to be me, whatever that version may be. Someone I can be with, while still being on my own. Someone I feel no need to answer to. A companion, sitting side-by-side ocean side. Appreciating the small moments, the quiet ease of a life not rushed. The … Continue reading The Peaceful Breeze of Sweet Surrender