Diary of Pain Pt. 2

January 27, 2018 – I sit here fully aware that I am swimming in pain and fear. Layers of pain igniting fear within the darkest recesses of my mind. For months I’ve been managing the effects of a neck and shoulder injury (re-injury). Here’s the truth – I have always felt guilty for sharing my pain and suffering with others. I loathe the feeling of … Continue reading Diary of Pain Pt. 2

Diary of Pain Pt. 1

November 13, 2017 – A writing session I’m clearly avoiding and I’m sitting here listening to Christmas music – Dean Martin to be specific. I’m not sure what I’m trying to accomplish by choosing Christmas music, but I’ve been through every other playlist on my Pandora app…. Something must inspire me. At the very least a smile and a giggle (check and check). I’m trying … Continue reading Diary of Pain Pt. 1

Castle in the Sky

I often sit and contemplate how different my life looks from moment to moment – season to season. In my youth I never thought about the seasons of life; beyond Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, I was unaware that life was ever-evolving. A child completely oblivious to forces of nature, directing one’s thoughts, will, and actions. Quietly and unknowingly or was it deliberate? I’ll never … Continue reading Castle in the Sky

When the Enemy Hands You Lemons

The Struggle Let’s be honest with ourselves. Life is HARD! Life can be and often is RIDICULOUSLY DIFFICULT!! Truth is WE ALL STRUGGLE! Not a single of us on this earth has gone without struggle. What differs is the level of the struggle – the DEPTH of it! The reason for the struggle differs. The length of the struggle differs. The outcome of the struggle … Continue reading When the Enemy Hands You Lemons

And Aubrey was her name…

He was the rebel son of a hillbilly farmer and she was the broken and bullied, bastard daughter of a truck stop waitress. Just barely 20-years-old. His first marriage and her second. Her first, at sixteen, was an attempt at running away from her pain. Sadly, she married a man who would break her heart by cheating on her – with another man. At eighteen, … Continue reading And Aubrey was her name…

This is ME!

I have become acutely aware of myself these past two years – A Blessing? A Curse? Both? In a moment of awareness, I have come to the realization that I spent my childhood both inwardly (most days) and outwardly living as an adult. Always assessing my environment, looking for danger, and reading – no CATCHING – people’s feelings. I learned very young to be a … Continue reading This is ME!

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Do you ever feel odd or peculiar? Or like you just don’t fit? I do! Here’s the thing though; I don’t remember feeling this way when I was younger. That’s not to say I wasn’t odd or peculiar but either I was unaware or I simply did not care! I’m inclined to believe the latter. In my youth, I was very proud to wear the … Continue reading Fearfully and Wonderfully Made