Missing Pieces: A Mother’s Love

When forced to witness the reminiscent review of a pleasant upbringing, I often find myself swimming in a sea of envy. I have no ill will towards those lucky enough to have a firm foundation in life; I simply wish I had more of a foundation myself. I sit, trying to write about my childhood, and I’m continually left with the same handful of memories. … Continue reading Missing Pieces: A Mother’s Love

This Too Shall Pass

During my morning meditation, I was reminded once again about the importance of beginnings. New beginnings and old ones renewed. Modest beginnings. Sacrificial beginnings. Unexpected beginnings. A continual series of setting and resetting – course and purpose. I found myself immersed in two separate (but equal) memories this morning. A moment of memorable starts. The first, a snippet, a memory of a time spent in … Continue reading This Too Shall Pass