Church – My Journey Pt. 3

I hesitate to write what I’m about to write, for fear of misunderstanding and repercussion. Words can easily be twisted by perspective while gracefully mangled by perception. My fear lays not in church members reading this, no, I’m okay with that. My fear resides in the ongoing battle of- Will people misunderstand? Am I hurting people? Will they judge me? Christians are saved, they are not indefectable. … Continue reading Church – My Journey Pt. 3

Pieces of Me: A Peak Behind the Curtain

My story is coming out in pieces; something my over-analytical inner-critic is furious about. I’ve spent the last few weeks avoiding writing most days, while setting aside my progress on the days I do write. I sit down with the sole purpose of writing, no real plan, only the faith that something will flow out of me. I’ve found this to be the most therapeutic … Continue reading Pieces of Me: A Peak Behind the Curtain

I Have a Secret

There’s something tremendously healing about raw authentic truth. The kind of truth that encompasses strength and vulnerability (not to be confused with weakness). I consider a lot these days, more than any other time in my life. Years of pain, growth, and reflection leading me to this season of my life. One in which I believe I see most clearly. The vision afforded us in … Continue reading I Have a Secret

Church – My Journey Pt. 2

Church, my saving grace – a refuge from the storm. A young girl with no foundation, tearing at the roots – eager to know structure and stability. Faith and fellowship. Forgiveness. A Father. I never went searching for God – I don’t remember crying out for Him. There may have been a time in the earliest years of my life, but I doubt it. I … Continue reading Church – My Journey Pt. 2

All That Glitters

Today marks the five-year anniversary of my nightmare’s beginning. The moment when the choices of another would change everything. But I’m not here to talk about that directly. The truth is, I’m not entirely sure I see it that way anymore. I’ve spent my time lying near the stagnant waters of poor me, and why me, losing blood by the pints. Bloodsucking mosquitoes of negativity … Continue reading All That Glitters

A Warrior’s Heart

I started this sight four months ago when I posted No Longer Asleep at the Wheel – a quick message of intent. An announcement. An invitation. The beginning of what I suspected would be a journey of self-discovery. I had no plan; my sole purpose, to silence my inner-critic by crushing my comfort zones. I sat there silently at my kitchen table, desperate to write, swimming … Continue reading A Warrior’s Heart

The Soundtrack of My Life

I often wonder which direction people’s musical inclinations lean. Are most people prone to staying in one lane, or do people embrace the unknown? Do they seek variety? I’ve spent nearly 40 years developing a taste for all types of music. One of my fondest memories is of a five-year-old girl playing in her room alone. Standing at the end of her twin bed, vinyl … Continue reading The Soundtrack of My Life

The Sweet Nectar of Childhood

Winter has brought upon an unplanned morning ritual; hot cocoa, earbuds, Pandora/YouTube, and solitude. I look at this list, and think – ‘there’s significance to each of these.’ A meaning. A purpose. But what? Hot Chocolate I’ve never had a consistent relationship with hot chocolate. When given a choice of a cold drink or hot, I choose cold every time. Yet, there have been periods … Continue reading The Sweet Nectar of Childhood

This Too Shall Pass

During my morning meditation, I was reminded once again about the importance of beginnings. New beginnings and old ones renewed. Modest beginnings. Sacrificial beginnings. Unexpected beginnings. A continual series of setting and resetting – course and purpose. I found myself immersed in two separate (but equal) memories this morning. A moment of memorable starts. The first, a snippet, a memory of a time spent in … Continue reading This Too Shall Pass