The Greatest of These

According to our fabulous dictionary, disappointed is defined as “sad or displeased because someone or something has failed to fulfill one’s hopes or expectations.” I call BULLSHIT! At least that’s what my raging inner critic is screaming. The chic inside who protects me from the hurts of the world. She’s standing on her soapbox demanding to be heard! “We are not disappointed simply by our … Continue reading The Greatest of These

Mix-ups, Malfunctions, and Misunderstandings

I woke this morning, as I do every morning, filled with the pleasant feeling of wholeness. My mind full of intention and purpose. My body at ease, reveling in the peace of a good night’s sleep. I wake every day with the sense that I could conquer the world. There is a moment, a second or two, as my eyes are opening, and my senses … Continue reading Mix-ups, Malfunctions, and Misunderstandings

We Grow in the Wilderness

I’m thinking my dilemma may be that I am desperately trying to learn to live in the “now” of life, and writing my story involves looking back – revisiting old issues. Reliving the pain and anguish of my darkest days. I’m not sure I’m ready for that or maybe it’s not the time. Which makes perfect sense! Why would I spend the last six months … Continue reading We Grow in the Wilderness