I Have a Secret

There’s something tremendously healing about raw authentic truth. The kind of truth that encompasses strength and vulnerability (not to be confused with weakness). I consider a lot these days, more than any other time in my life. Years of pain, growth, and reflection leading me to this season of my life. One in which I believe I see most clearly. The vision afforded us in … Continue reading I Have a Secret

Circle the Wagons

I cannot explain how weird it is to feel the way I feel right now. I’m desperate to share. I believe in my heart of hearts that sharing will do some good. For myself and others. I can’t be alone. Others must understand. But here I sit, four months into blogging, and I cannot commit to full-disclosure. The walls, the massive tower of criticism that … Continue reading Circle the Wagons

Paradise in my Mother’s Eyes

Paradise is found on the others side of this feeling. Swimming in the tears. Hidden behind a veil of chaos and confusion. Paradise lost. Paradise found. Whispering caresses of promise and peace. Paradise stolen. Or was it given away? Perception or deception? Intermingling manipulation – vining and intertwining – digging in and rooting deep. The effect my Mother has on me is overwhelmingly profound. I … Continue reading Paradise in my Mother’s Eyes

Winter, words and wonder

What is Love?  There are no words or are there too many? Most days, I can’t tell. Always seeking, never knowing. I sit here, in a space I so desperately wanted – overwhelmingly needed. I’ve spent my whole life hiding from who I am. Never knowing I was meant to have my own identity – my own voice. Always filling the void of shame and … Continue reading Winter, words and wonder

Shades of Life – Pt. 2

…… continued  Upon returning to home from Ohio, it was abundantly clear that I was going to have to shave my hair weekly. Not a problem except the fact that I would have to also color my hair weekly – an expense I was not willing to commit to. It was time to decide – time to nail down my priorities. Fit in… conform to … Continue reading Shades of Life – Pt. 2