Fear is a Liar!

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No Need to Fear

Do you ever look back and see what God has brought you through? Even in the smallest moments, He is there. Holding your hand and reminding you that you truly CAN do ANYTHING. Reassuring you, that there is no need to fear because He is with you – always – He’s ALL-IN! Are you? For nearly 40 years of my life, I had had no real understanding of the meaning faith. The kind of blind faith that allows you to accept that everything has its purpose. Faith to believe that no matter what the enemy throws your way, you will survive. You will not only survive but you will thrive on the other side. Growth does not happen by accident. Growth is gradual and purposeful!

Face Your Fears

I look back at the last several years and I am in awe over how much I have grown. I can see every evolution of my being; little by little my façade and masks being dropped to the wayside. Finally facing my fears and understanding that feelings LIE! That feeling in your gut that makes you want to vomit…makes you want to die. It’s the enemy using your fear and shame against you. Don’t turn away from it and hide – FACE IT! What’s the worst that could happen?

This… this is what I tell myself every day! If I turn towards my fears and face them head-on, what is the worst that can happen? I’ve spent the summer pushing against my comfort zones and sitting in my fear until I could get to the other side. Telling myself the entire time; you’re not going to die Aubrey – BREATHE! See as a culture, we don’t like that feeling in our gut – the feeling of discomfort. So, we run and hide. Funny thing is – we think we’ve escaped it, that horrible feeling that makes us want to die. All the while we sit there, isolated, thinking we have won…. And the thing we were running from is sitting right there with us. In the PIT of our stomach. The enemy lives within – turn and face him.

I don’t remember allowing fear to rule my life prior to my head-on collision in 2013. I had fears but generally, I did not allow them to dictate how I lived my life. I’m claustrophobic but always pushed the limits with enclosed spaces. I’m afraid of heights but never missed a chance to ride roller coasters and carnival rides. The bigger and crazier, the better. Then struggles and traumas of life built up in my mind. Warning me to avoid anything that would make me feel uncomfortable. Never understanding why, I was afraid. Not knowing about the hidden haunting memories of darkness and abandonment. In facing my fears; I face the demons of my past. Those I didn’t invite in but who were given free rein in my childhood. As well as those I did invite in, as an adult, never knowing I had a choice.

Make a Choice

When you know you can choose – choose to face your fears – choose to change your thinking, oh the things you can do. The things you can survive!!! When you realize you are the ruler of your own destiny, your own way of thinking… WOW! See, here’s the thing about perception – it can and will change, given the chance. This can be good or bad. If you are living your life based on the perception others have of you – you will never truly be happy. Because perception is not truth. Perception is skewed by circumstance, history, and emotion. It cannot be trusted; especially in the eyes of another. If you’re living life based on your own perception; ask yourself what you’re basing your perception on. Are you perceiving yourself through the eyes of circumstance? History? Emotions? A trifecta of misleading and misdirected lies.

Instead see yourself through the eyes of your Father. Look around and see what He has done for you. Even better, look at what He has done through you. Who have you touched and inspired and you didn’t even know it? Choose happiness. See the good in everything and everyone. If you’re still here – if you’re still breathing – take stock in how far you’ve come and what you’ve learned along the way. Every bit of it is a gift. If you choose to recognize these gifts, you will know Faith! Faith that you can turn towards your fears and survive. Faith that no matter what the enemy hurls at you – you are not alone. Your Father is always with you. Feel Him. Listen for Him. Look for Him in the eyes of others – seek Him in all that you do. In your worst moments, reach out in LOVE!

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. 1 Corinthians 15:58



Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Fear is a Liar!

  1. OMG…. I’ve been living in my fear almost nonstop since January, when I began to realize I had no idea of who I REALLY was…. It’s now gone, from my “head” but it’s still present in my nervous system. My body needs proof that it can trust me now, pretty much like my grown up children…. “The Body Keeps the Score” #besselvanderkolk Did you read it?

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    1. Omgoodness… you nailed it! I’m in a similar situation but was unable to put my finger on it. That’s it – my head knows it but my nervous system hasn’t caught up yet. So good! I totally relate to the body needing proof that it can trust. It can be an overwhelming sense. No, I have not read “The Body Keeps Score,” but I will add it to my list. Have you explored http://pete-walker.com/


      1. I think I’ve been through most of his site a couple of months ago. Another Good Guy is Peter Levine. I’ve not read any books of either of them and only some article by Peter Levine but that one is likely to appear in a post, some day 😊

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