No Longer Asleep at the Wheel


Are you proudly embracing labels such as “Type-A,” “obsessive,” “perfectionist?” Have you ever? I DID!

Now, I live with my eyes wide open… my mind unquestionably MINDFUL! We’ve all heard the words… awakened.. evolved… enlightened. My Dad says, “you are no longer asleep at the wheel” and I AGREE!

When everything you thought you knew to be TRUE is ripped from your grasp and you are left with the harassing questions of WHY – You either SINK or SWIM!

Join me on my journey to…

Crush Comfort Zones


Embrace LIFE! 

“Water encompassed me to the point of death. The great deep engulfed me. Weeds were wrapped around my head. I descended to the roots of the mountains. The earth with its bars was around me forever. But You have brought up my life from the pit, O LORD my God. While I was fainting away, I remembered the LORD, And my prayer came to You, Into Your holy temple.” Jonah 2:5-7



Photo by Faustin Tuyambaze on Unsplash


8 thoughts on “No Longer Asleep at the Wheel

  1. Hi!

    This is good! ❤️👊🤗 I’m still stuck on Instagram. It’s not a bad thing and I need the quick response and support, real life doesn’t offer much of that… but the “serious” writing has to be done here. Whatever, I think I’m about to build some good routines that will help me to focus. I’ll let you, and everybody else that might find my words, know in a post, hopefully soonstart with reading your posts

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I understand your dilemma in terms of needing “quick response and support.” I struggle daily – I need “real” connection and conversation. Likes and follows leave me “wanting” more… something real. I look forward to seeing where the changes in routine help you. I have no doubt you will find your groove and speak all your truths.


  2. Hmm, I realize I have a bit to learn on the app as well…. Whatever. My last words was meant to be. “I’ll start with reading and keep follow your posts. That will hopefully inspire as well as direct me more towards wp 😊 /Mats

    Liked by 1 person

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